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Container Mass Declarations of Weight

The new rules which come into force on the 1st July 2016 have been causing some confusion among exporters. We have been able to get some further clarification and the links below provide further information.

FCL – Full Container Loads - If you are loading the container at your premises you are advised to register and will be responsible for the declaration of weight.  The container weight is always on the back door of the containers so  you will be easily able to see what it is to add to your gross weight to give the TARE

The loader does not need to be shown as the shipper on the Bill of Lading as freight forwarder can also be shown as the shipper (bear mind many of the forwarders are now shifting the onus back on the exporter for FCL cargoes so they don’t attract fines.

LCL – Part Loads - You are not the Shipper – the Consolidator is the Shipper and is responsible for the weight declaration of the total container  to the shipping line.

You would normally only be issued with a House Bill of Lading not a Shipping Line Bill of Lading and it is those that will have the total container weight on them, you would not see that on your House bill issued by a forwarder as you are only a consolidated exporter not responsible for the full load.

Some ports are introducing commercial service to weigh containers.

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