Q Biotechnologies Ltd is a progressive organisation that develops, manufactures and distributes under exclusive license, products for disease prevention. 

Our portfolio includes rapid and accurate testing, persistent surface and skin disinfectants and capital equipment.

Q Shield Hand Sanitizer | Hard Surface Protection | Bio-Fogging | Profile 1 Real Time Viable Bacteria Testing | Victory VP200ES electrostatic sprayer | SALUS

Our product range is curated by a dedicated team led by Senior Scientific Officer Dr Andrew Kemp, specialist in surface disinfection and decontamination. We provide the latest innovations and most effective solutions available in infection prevention and control today. Our SALUS system can be tailored to meet the disinfection needs of any environment – with each component available as a standalone measure or as part of a bespoke package for infection prevention and control.

Our team’s data driven approach to selecting each product ensures we recommend only proven technologies. We work with our clients to develop an aggressive, cost effective approach to infection control in their environment. We recommend only the most suitable options for your needs.

The unique Profile 1 rapid metabolic assay gives real time live bacteria counts and heads up our portfolio of bacterial testing kits. It is the most accurate post-cleaning verification tool available anywhere in the world. Our range of easy to use bacteria-specific assays provides instant identification of an outbreak, allowing faster implementation of containment and decontamination protocols.

Web: www.qtechnologiesgroup.com

Telephone: 01522 837220