Lincolnshire based supplier of quality fruit and vegetables, both UK and imported. Also flowers, plants and fresh salads.

Fresh Vegetables - We supply a full range of seasonal UK and (if required) imported vegetables throughout the year. Eating well is a recipe for great health. Good, wholesome, honest food you can trust.

Fresh Fruit - We supply a full range of UK and imported fruit. Delicious, nutritious, healthy and nature’s convenient snack. We work with primary producers to extend the British season.

Flowers and Plants - We supply a full range of UK and imported flowers, plants and bulbs. Working to put a smile on the nation’s faces.

Fresh Salads - We supply a full range of seasonal UK and imported salads. Refreshing, crispy and colourful healthy options.

Producers - We champion growers and give back as much as possible. Everyone we associate ourselves with is important to us. Through joint ventures and co-operation together we can grow…

Customers - We put our customer first. We have the knowledge and appetite to anticipate and satisfy the needs of individual customers. We are committed to continually improving, developing and delivering quality at a great price.

Quality - You can trust the quality and sources of our produce. From field to store you can rely on us to control and deliver time after time. A robust control process ensures excellent service.

Environment - We work with people who are responsible, respectful and caring. Our producers know the benefits of protecting, maintaining and sustaining the natural habitats around them. The conflict in the field between pests and the producer are managed to reduce reliance on synthetic pesticides.

Import / Export - Directly sourcing and organising programs to order. We have the experience to serve both UK and international customers. We provide the best, freshest and tastiest produce at a great price. We appreciate the need to bridge the gap in production and serve the industry. We offer the best quality and value with full traceability and work with the best growers to meet the requirements of our customers.


Telephone: 01205 360189

Email: [email protected]