We provide a range of Telecoms and Customer Engagement products including Landline, Broadband, Mobile, VoIP systems, Online Reputation Management, Digital Marketing and our own market leading Guest WiFi service to create bespoke solutions for businesses across the world.

Genius WiFi Hotspots

It is a consistent experience across venues independent or globally and happens in whatever language the user chooses. 

The social login option encourages your customers to connect with you socially while in your space, boosting engagement with real customers. 
The speed and scale of the system, means venues can be on boarding 100K users a second all over the world, meaning Genius WiFi can work for every type of venue from shop to stadium.

Targeted Marketing

Genius Wifi’s array of marketing tools will allow you to monitor activity and promote your business.
Our portal allows you to send e-mails or SMS to customers in real time based on demographics, location, dwell time and loyalty. You can build a targeted campaign using our ‘LogicFlow’ tool, allowing you to craft a suite of messages that is highly personalised to each user.
You can choose to customise the offline and online splash page with your branding and advertising.
Using this combined with analytics and unique e-shots will enable you to target your audience effectively from the data we’ve already collected.
Managed Networks

For businesses with enterprise networking requirements Genius WiFi have partnered with global managed services provider GX2 Technology

GX2 Technology offers great networks and guest Wi-Fi that works and are proven in the most difficult environments. Their leading technologies, flexible billing engines, 24-hour global guest support and background in hospitality mean that they understand enterprise Wi-Fi better than anyone else. 

GX2’s global teams offer network design, bandwidth management services, software solutions and 24-hour guest support to enable world-leading hospitality, conference and lodging venues to stay ahead of their guests’ ever-increasing Internet and bandwidth demands. 
Telephone: 01526 304356
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