Perry’s Aquatics Center is Lincolnshire’s premier store for tropical and cold water fish as well as clean Marine products and accessories.

We have everything that you need to build your own custom aquarium to your specifications. We have a wide array of high-quality corrals, plants, plankton, tanks, lighting, filters, feeds and various accessories.

Feel free to stop by our store to get some ideas and to speak with some of our experts and don’t forget to ask about our free water test service. Our knowledgeable fish keepers will be able to test your water to find any impurities are issues that could cause health problems with any of your fish. By identifying these issues early we can help to save you money and ensure the health and well-being of every fish in your tank.


Telephone: 01673 860727

Thursday-Saturday 10.00am-18.00pm | Sunday 10.00am-16.00pm