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Social Media training and consultancy, here to help you overcome the overwhelming pressure of doing well on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and Youtube.

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Learn how to use Social Media Marketing to Grow your Business. Do you feel confused and overwhelmed by Social Media?

We support everything from the basics to social media strategy and content creation. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, WordPress blogging, Periscope & Blab

You don’t know whether to be on Twitter or Facebook or Pinterest or Instagram or LinkedIn, or you would prefer not to be on any of them.

You don’t know what to share on the different social media sites, you definitely don’t want to have to share selfies all the time.

You hear great stories of people getting work through Social Media but your don’t know how they do it?

I can help you to decide which social media sites will be best for you and your business, what content to share and how to create it.

Do you have a Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn account but not sure how to work any of them or whether they are working for your business?

Are you too busy running your business to work out how social media works?

If the answer to these questions is yes then you need my help to get Strategic with Social Media!

 Here are some questions to ask yourself about how your business uses Social Media:

I am Jackie Elton and I am here to help you overcome the Social Media overwhelm that you are feeling right now.  I will help you to spend less time on Social Media, get more people engaging with what you share on Social Media and get better results than you have ever got before with your Social Media.

I love reading the latest blog posts about changes to Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest and how to get your posts seen, I then test these strategies on my Social Media sites to see if they work before passing the information that works on to my clients.  By working with me you get all the up to date ideas without having to do lots of reading around and I filter the great content and information from the not so great content.

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