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NB Proofreading Service provides a friendly and professional service include proofreading, article writing and review, website review and more.

About NB Proofreading Service

NB Proofreading and Business Support, based in Sleaford, provides a range of business services to maintain and enhance the image and profile of individuals and companies.

The friendly and professional services include proofreading, article writing and review, website review, copy writing for advertisements, administrative assistance, guidance and support.

Our Vision

To provide a friendly and reliable service to businesses and individuals whenever the need arises.

Our Mission

To be the first point of call for all website review and paperwork accuracy checking.

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Our upcoming event

International Trade Operations and Procedures (ITOPS) Training

ITOPS is a certified course tackling all aspects of international trade administration.

Sep 29th 2020
9:00 am - 4:00 pm

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