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About Genuine & Unique Services Ltd

Welcome to GUS, our mission is to have a company that is completely inclusive, that provides professional, genuine and unique business services.

Being passionate about honesty, our planet and all things being fair and equal, often left me feeling bewildered or disappointed in the corporate world. I'm a mum raising two girls and its always been important to my husband and I to ensure we create an environment for them to be themselves, truly.

Our core principle is to be credible and genuine in everything we do and GUS is a business that will push the boundaries of professional services creating trusting relationships that enables us to deliver at pace. It is important that the team at GUS and our customers feel secure and valued in everything we do.

We strive to be individual yet complete in our services and the standards we uphold. This approach runs through each and every task, and you will be fully supported and informed throughout your journey with GUS.

Honest, open communication is key!

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Sustainability in Supply Chain

This module aims to develop knowledge and understanding of the impact of freight movement on the env...

Jul 24th 2024
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