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Images are the key to business engagement: I can help you stand out in a sea of text-heavy online platforms

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Business and personal branding are crucial for ambitious leaders and entrepreneurs. I work with Lincolnshire-based businesses to put personality and branding into the imagery they use on websites, social media, PR and printed media.

About David Harrison Photography

As a freelance photographer, my main aim is to capture exceptional images across a number of photographic genres; some for business and some for leisure. I love photography and have done for over 30 years - I have a great affinity for wildlife and a special love for Africa and it's animals. I try to portray everything I photograph in a natural and professional way, capturing the subject in the best possible light (literally and metaphorically!). I have had the privilege of photographing some of the most amazing animals on our planet and seeing them in the wild compares with nothing else. Early morning game drives are awe-inspiring. From a business perspective, I have photographed food, property, business people and events. The essence of good photography, for me, is about creating a story and making it fun in the process. It is also really important to me that my work contributes in some way. I work with Sage Gardener in Lincoln as a volunteer helping with their photographic requirements, as well as Rhino Revolution a UK conservation charity.

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