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Craig Collinson offers independent training and bespoke development training packages to a range of sectors. Learn leadership, positivity and communication.

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  • Clark Hearsey, Fairfield Enterprise Centre, Lincoln Way, Louth, Lincolnshire, LN11 OLS

About Craig Collinson Ltd

Increase the Efficiency, Confidence and Productivity of Your Management Team.

Using enthusiastic humour with a boundless, contagious energy, Craig draws on over 20 years experience to help you boost your business.

Craig delivers a range of dependable Workshops, Books and Speeches designed for you to enhance the leadership style, knowledge and skills of your management team.

Delivering for happiness. Delivering for success.

Inspire a Positive Difference!
When you evoke the positivity to succeed within your team, you will quickly uncover the results. Creating a happy, successful and positive workforce easily encourages teamwork. Increase in the efficiency, confidence and productivity using incredibly simple techniques. Explore Craig’s genuine advice, guidance and tooltips to inspire a positive difference to your workforce.

What Areas Do You Want To Improve On?

Improve your Leadership style! There is a sizeable difference between those that can manage a team and those that can lead a team. Learn how to truly lead your team with Craig’s effective leadership skills and tips.

Make the positive difference in your life! Develop your personal skills and inspire a positive difference in yourself. These dependable pointers by Craig can direct your life.

Communication Skills
The Art of Communication is at the heart of inspirational leadership. Craig shares a selection of simple and effective, research backed guidance on how to improve your communication skills.

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Bands For Hire – 5% discount

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Bands For Hire are one of the UK’s leading live music agencies, representing over 400 acts across the UK, see the website:

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