Longhurst Group is a leading not-for-profit housing provider across the Midlands and East of England, delivering award-winning, affordable homes designed with customers in mind.

We are creative and innovative and thrive at being a leading provider of housing, care and support services. With a great set of values, we make a positive difference within our local communities, creating places where people want to live.

As a not-for-profit organisation, we are made up of four member companies:
- Axiom
- Friendship Care and Housing
- Longhurst & Havelok Homes
- Spire Homes

We also have an award winning development arm – Keystone. Together we own and manage over 21,000 homes across almost 50 local authority areas.

Our vision as a Group is clear. Everything we do is about ‘improving lives’. From the great homes and care and support services we provide to the numerous projects that make a positive difference to people’s lives.

We are united by a shared set of values that guide everything that we do as a Group and show what matters to us. These are:
- In it together: We stand together as one team with one vision to make a difference to people’s lives
- Heartfelt service: Everything we do shows we care deeply about our customers and colleagues
- Own it: We do what we say we do to the best of our ability with pride and passion
- Push the boundaries: We strive for excellence constantly looking for fresh ways of doing things
- Fun and fair: We work hard, enjoy it and treat everybody equally with respect and honesty

"Our vision as a Group is clear. Everything we do is about ‘improving lives"

Web: www.longhurst-group.org.uk
Telephone: 03453 090700
Email: [email protected]