Lincolnshire Co-op is an independent co-operative society, with its head office in Lincoln, offering a wide range of services from its family of businesses. 

We are owned by our members, around 241,000 people of Lincolnshire, Newark and surrounding counties and a locally elected board of directors who oversee the business. We employ more than 2,700 local staff and run over 200 outlets across our trading area including food stores, filling stations, post offices, pharmacies, coffee shops, travel agencies and funeral services. We also manage and develop a large property portfolio.

We recycle ALL our profits locally. We do this by sharing dividend with our members, investing in new and improved services and by giving grants and donations to local community groups, charities and schools through our Community Champions scheme.

Telephone: 01522 512211
Monday - Friday: 8.30am - 6.00pm 
Email: [email protected]