Learning Communities are a charity training provider offering fundamental support to the local Lincolnshire community.

Learning Communities (previously Birchwood Access and Training Centre) was established in 1997. We offer fundamental support to our local community and have done so since 1995. We are a registered Charity and a company limited by guarantee. Our name was changed in January 2014 to reflect that as a business we have grown from a small charity supporting the community of Birchwood to one which aims to build stronger communities throughout Lincolnshire. In June 2015 we began an ambitious growth plan by taking a lease for Birchwood Youth Centre which we have now renamed "Generate".

As a Charity we are committed to doing all we can to support local facilities so we wanted to ensure the library remained open. When it came to our attention that Ermine and Boultham Libraries were also at risk of closure, we decided to expand and create Community Hubs and Libraries in these areas too.

Whilst going through many changes our commitment to support local communities remains unchanged.

Web: www.learning-communities.co.uk
Telephone: 01522 697 587
Monday - Thursday: 8.30am - 4.30pm | Friday: 8.30am - 4.00pm | Saturday: 10.00am - 2.00pm
Email: [email protected]