Jessops Construction is a privately owned Newark based contractor working nationally in all major sectors within the construction industry.

Jessops Construction was formed in 2000, by Richard & Ted Wherry. Both share a wealth of knowledge thanks to serving their time in the building and light civil engineering sectors for one of the UK’s largest contractors. This amalgamation culminated in a company with a unique perspective and skill set.

Level headed planning and immediate decision making by those actively involved in the day to day running of the business clearly gives us the edge, vital in today’s competitive market.

Quality is woven into the very fabric of every build we undertake. By virtue of prudent planning, marked by sound judgment, clients can have confidence that their project will be delivered on time, to budget and without defects.

Based on historical data, it is evident throughout our portfolio that safety is a major priority, boasting consistent unwavering low levels of work related injuries. This is achieved by building safety into every project from the start. At the very heart of this achievement is our commitment to staff training on and off site. In addition to this, repeat business with our supply chain reinforces our commitment to avoiding incidents. We are ranked amongst the highest in the industry for safety and endeavour to maintain our track record well into the future.

Telephone: 01636 681501
Email: [email protected]