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HMRC have released guidance on how to request an extension to the payment period for import duty/import VAT payments. Deferment is not automatic and requires immediate action.

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Arab Documentation Delays

Please note we are experiencing significant delays on Arab documentation submitted. We are struggling to communicate with the Arab Chamber, and some of the embassies are closed.

if your business is planning to do any Arab documents in the near future, please bear in mind the extended delays with getting these documents returned.

Switzerland and Chile temporarily accepting Electronic Stamps

We have been notified by HMRC that both Switzerland and Chile will on a temporary basis now accept documents issued using our online platforms.

The EZ Cert platform has updated their systems to allow these to now be processed. We continue to work with HMRC to get the remaining countries to accept electronic documents.

Temporary Extension for Formal Undertakings

We appreciate a number of exporters have had difficulty getting the Formal Undertaking signed during the current pandemic with remote working.

During the pandemic you are now allowed to give an extension of 30 days on existing Formal Undertakings to give exporters the time to get the Formal Undertaking signed and posted to us.

Pay no import duty and VAT on medical supplies, equipment and protective garments (COVID-19)

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DIT Coronavirus guidance for UK businesses trading internationally

DIT can support businesses by:

– providing assistance with customs authorities to ensure smooth clearance of their products

– offering advice on intellectual property and other issues with business continuity British businesses that may face disruption due to the spread of coronavirus can contact DIT’s dedicated business support team by emailing

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Trading Overseas

We understand that trading overseas can be a complex process to understand, so whether you are new to international trade, or you’re already an experienced exporter keen to develop your international operations, we are here to help and support you.

Please see our useful International Trade resources:

Find Export Opportunities

Checking if there is an export opportunity for your business has never been easier, with the introduction of a handy micro site by the Department for International Trade.

The D.I.T is a UK government department that helps UK-based companies succeed in global markets and assists overseas firms in bringing their high-quality investment to the UK.

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Visas – Saudi Arabia

To enable Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce to certify Saudi Arabian Business Visa Introduction letters please complete the below Saudi Business Visa Formal Undertaking document.


Trade Tools

You aren’t alone when you are exporting, there’s plenty of support available at your fingertips – keep checking in as we continue to update as more advice and support becomes available to us.

Customs Notice 812: European community preferences – trade with Turkey
Customs Notice 827: European Community preferences – export procedures
Customs Notice 828: tariff preferences – rules of origin for various countries
Customs Notice 832: tariff preferences – rules of origin for Mexico


Check duties and customs procedures for exporting goods

The Department for International Trade (DIT) has also produced a How to Export Goods tool for UK exporters.

If you have questions about customs and tariffs contact HMRC imports and exports.

Before you start

You’ll need to know what your product is made of to get the correct information about how to export it.

Example: If you’re exporting chocolate, you’ll need to know if it contains added cereal, fruit or nuts.

Use the tool

Chamber Translation Service

As a Lincolnshire Chamber member, you have access to exclusive rates on translation packages, services and projects with our official translation services partner; PAB Languages Centre, who can translate any of your documents into over 200 languages

They are pleased to offer a special competitive rate to all members:

10% Discount on any translation projects and an additional 5% discount on multilingual projects for 3 and more languages.


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