Our aim is to aid the international development of local businesses through the appointment of European students, specialising in international trade for short-term work placements. Students spend 6 months within a company building and using their knowledge of international commerce and cultural awareness, coupled with linguistic skill, to help organisations open or expand overseas markets.

Through established links with universities throughout the European Union we are able to source motivated and intelligent students with the skills required to meet your business needs.

Why host an ISPO student?

An international student will act as a native guide into your international markets, helping you to develop trade opportunities and provide a bridge over cultural barriers. ISPO students have excellent linguistic and business skills and will help you to overcome language barriers and improve communication with customers and overseas contacts. A well educated and enthusiastic intern is a dedicated resource available to meet immediate business needs and offers you a very economical and flexible solution.

The role of ISPO

With our network of contacts within European universities we are well placed to source someone with a skill set tailored to your needs. We will pre-screen and select appropriate applicants to meet your requirements and arrange interviews between you and your chosen candidates. ISPO will also help to finalise placement details such as sourcing the students’ accommodation and meeting students on arrival in the UK. We will remain an ongoing point of contact for both the Host Company and student throughout the placement, helping to ensure satisfaction for all parties.

New offer to the ISPO programme

  •  Permanent Recruitment in the UK!!
  • Through our relationships with members and patrons we want to create opportunities for local undergraduates and graduates for various projects, consultancy, placements and permanent positions.  Do you have an opportunity to help us, help the next generation?
  • If you do require Chinese or any other languages, please give us a call we can also help you find the right candidate with other languages than just European.

Nature of roles

ISPO students can undertake various roles to add value to your international trade function, including:

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Marketing/ Market research/ Social Media
  • Business Planning
  • Translation/ Language Assistants
  • Sales
  • Project management
  • Design
  • IT
  • Engineering

How long must placements last?

Usually ISPO places students for 5/6 months as this the required placement duration of most universities, although there can be some flexibility in this. 5/6 months is also favoured by most companies hosting an ISPO student as this is long enough for the student to have considerable impact within the organisation. Start dates vary from country to country, university degree course or year of study. We have found that most students are looking to start their placements in the months January, February and March, and the summer months July, August and September. However, ISPO does also arrange placements to commence during the other months of the year, with the possible exception of December.


ISPO does not require companies to pay any salary to a student, although it is optional for the company - in fact the scheme aims to be as cost effective as possible. As an initiative of a regional Chamber of Commerce, ISPO operates on a non for profit basis and seeks only to cover operational costs. Students generally receive grant funding from European Union hosted student funds to cover the costs of carrying out a placement overseas (Erasmus+ will cover only basic expenses, companies can opt to grant students some kind of remuneration).

Host companies are obliged to pay students’ accommodation costs which are estimated to reach a maximum of £370 per month (in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire ISPO is able to guarantee, at the time of writing, that accommodation costs will not exceed this level. Clients outside of these two counties please note that accommodation costs may differ throughout the UK, though the amount indicated here will serve as a guideline.). Host companies are also obliged to pay for the students’ travel costs to get to and from work on a daily basis (please note this does not cover flights or any other transport to and from the UK which is the responsibility of participating students).

Furthermore, ISPO’s placement management fee is currently £890.00 + VAT to cover operational costs.

We offer a special fee for Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce members of £730.00 + VAT.

How do I apply to host a student?

You can apply to host an international student simply by contacting ISPO. Please find our details below. We will contact you shortly after hearing from you to arrange a meeting in which we will explain everything in detail and discuss your requirements. Once we are aware of what you are looking for in an applicant, we will create a tailor made advertisement that will be distributed amongst students of over 300 continental universities including the UK.

For more information email [email protected]