Heritage Lincolnshire

Heritage Lincolnshire is a local charity working to conserve the rich history of the county for the benefit of people who live and work in the area.

We work to advance our understanding and appreciation of archaeology, historic buildings, traditions and culture and work with a wide range of partners. As an active Buildings Preservation Trust we have experience of securing funding for the conservation of historic buildings at risk.

We also offer a range of opportunities for education, volunteering, and leisure activities, all of which encourage people to explore the heritage of the area and to become actively involved in its conservation.


Archaeological Project Services (APS)

Archaeological Project Services (APS) is a small to medium sized archaeological company providing a range of commercial archaeological projects to clients across the East Midlands and East Anglia. The areas for which we have expertise and deliver comprise;

  • Heritage consultancy work (heritage statements, environmental statements, desk-based assessments)
  • Geomatics (GPS, GIS, Geophysical Surveys, aerial mapping and interpretation)
  • Archaeological fieldwork (watching briefs, evaluations, excavations – includes report preparation)
  • Artefact specialisms (currently reduced but including worked stone, clay pipe, metalworking)
  • Community engagement (Community archaeology, talks, publications)

The above list are all, to a degree inter-linked but also exist as separate services. As a result we can offer a beginning to end service for all projects. The above can be applied also to research projects.