Helping Hand Nurses is a social enterprise organization. 

Our mission is to ensure that all our users achieve their individual personal goals that will enable them to maximize their independence and wellbeing in the comfort of their homes.

We offer professional, effective, first class service to our customers and deliver a friendly, quality, efficient, cost-effective cares services.

All our support care workers are professionally trained, competent care givers. Giving the families and friends that peace of mind that their loved ones are been cared for by well- trained care staff in their homes or our day centre.

We are dedicated to the care of our clients and committed to providing high standard of care within the community.

HHNA (Lincoln)  

We  provide  continued healthcare  services for our clients, making sure that they are safe, healthy and happy in the comfort their homes is our priority.

The Customers we can provide Domiciliary care services for are:

  • Older people (i.e. over 65)
  •  Children and young adults, anyone between  5 and 65 
  • People with sensory/physical or learning disability.
  • Anybody that requires personal care or domestic support in their homes.
  • Post operative patient recovering at home or mothers who had c/s /and recovering at home
  • Any adult that needs domestic cleaning, laundry.


Telephone: 07405 800182

Email: [email protected]