Habit5 based in Lincoln, is a research company and marketing consultancy that helps clients understand their customers better.

Not being understood, is a highly motivating unmet need that can really drive action. The brands that understand best will do best in their markets. When a brand demonstrates that it really understands a customer it gives the customer a real buzz, prompts recommendation and builds loyalty.

What would you like to understand better about your customers? What would give you an edge? What would unlock more value?

Research is not, and should never be, an end in itself. For us it is a stepping stone to understanding what to do to make a commercial difference; whether that's improving customer conversion or retention rates, reducing acquisition costs, generating more sales revenues or prompting recommendation. Ignorance is never bliss. Our passion for understanding explains how we got into research in the first place.

At Habit5 we help our clients understand why and know what needs to be done to improve things, move forward, be more successful, in order to create mutual value for the customer and in turn be better understood by them. 

We work with our clients to build up understanding and act upon it across:

-Brand management

-Communications development

-Competitive intelligence

-Concept testing

-Customer experience

-Customer usage & attitudes

-Customer satisfaction

-Employee engagement

-Journey mapping

-NPD and App development


-Product launches 

Habit5 is proud to be accredited as the only Market Research Society (MRS) Company Partner in the city and one of only two across the whole of Lincolnshire. So do get in contact with us to discuss your business challenge or research need. We would be happy to conduct a "no fee" initial exploratory meeting.

Web: habit5.co.uk
Telephone: Phone: 01522 519388
Monday - Friday: 9.00am - 5.00pm 
Email:[email protected]