H2 Information Risk Management Consultant are IT security specialist based in Long Bennington.

H2 Information Risk Management Consultants was formed by personnel who have worked in the IT security business for major security companies for many years. We have gained considerable experience in all aspects of information risk management and security in that time. We have devised Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) based on ISO27001/2, for companies wishing to achieve IPO. We have devised operational security systems and security architecture for both the public and private sectors, and have experience across several geographies.

H2 have an incredible amount of experience in Cybersecurity and Information Security. Our expertise spans design, development and delivery of some of the most security sensitive systems crossing global geographies, multi-national corporations, finance houses, governments, military and defence & intelligence organisations and many other specialised industries. We are now offering this expertise to the vast community of SMEs in an affordable, appropriate and accreditable way. 

H2 understand the most successful solutions are underpinned by a sound understanding of risk and risk management. We have recognised that medium size businesses are either unaware of the importance of information risk management, or feel that it is an expensive luxury that they would dearly like but cannot afford. H2 understands why they may feel that and so have set out to devise a set of services that can scale up and down to suit the business needs in a cost effective manner.

"Sound Cybersecurity strategies require an understanding of the value of business information, identifying threats and vulnerabilities, which combined, determine the financial impact to the business in the event those vulnerabilities are exploited by the identified threats. Once understood, informed decisions can be made about how to control and manage that risk to an acceptable level through the deployment of controls, which are Appropriate, Affordable and Accreditable."

Web: www.hah2.co.uk
Telephone: 07762 769011
Email: [email protected]