Genius Technology Solutions  is a Horncastle-based firm, offering marketing and communication solutions through WiFi hotspots. 

Genius Technology Solutions is one of the leading choices for guest WiFi hotspots in the UK and across the globe. We allow you to turn your business premise WiFi into one of the most valuable marketing tools you will ever use.

We are a communication platform that allow hoteliers, bar, café, restaurant, retailers and brands, monetise their WiFi even if offering it free to their customers through marketing, social media, advertising and operational services. Our service is the bridge between you and your customer and we are already supporting 16 languages with more additions planned. Never before have you been able to understand who your customer really is and communicate a tailored offering to each of them on an individual basis, increasing footfall and order value whilst improving the customer experience and encouraging loyalty along the way.

We provide a range of Telecoms and Customer Engagement products including Landline, Broadband, Mobile, VoIP systems, Online Reputation Management, Digital Marketing and our own market leading Guest WIFI service to create bespoke solutions for businesses across the world.

"Genius Technology Solutions is the bridge between you and your customer!"

Telephone: 03330 110512
Monday - Friday: 9.00am - 5.00pm
Email:[email protected]