Creating a positive workplace culture through nutrition and wellbeing

Firecracker specialises in workplace health and wellbeing helping organisations create healthy, happy employees.

The annual cost of new case of work related ill health (excluding long latency illness such as cancer) in 2015/16 was £9.7 Billion and 49% of all days lost from ill health were due to stress, depression and anxiety in 2016/17.

We’ve all heard of Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and rightly so the emphasis has been put on Safety, however Health is just as important and in fact can impact on Safety.

Ensuring people within your organisation have good health both mentally and physically will help achieve growth and success.

The Firecracker Formula is a programme that focuses on three areas which leads to business success:

Wellbeing: Healthy & Happy Individuals – lunchtime seminars, 8 week food and nutrition programme, wellbeing factsheets.

Leadership: High performing teams with strong leadership – DiSC communication profiling, foodie team building sessions, leadership and management training for teams

Culture: Positive inclusive culture – Strategy (Vision, mission and values) development, creative thinking sessions.

We use our Wheel of Wellbeing, Culture and Performance to illustrate the link between different factors which affect health and wellbeing at work.

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