We have been growing soft fruit for sale on the farm for the past 30 years.

Originally a small area of strawberries were grown as a sideline to the farming business. Now the soft fruit at Peaks Top Farm includes over 2 hectares of strawberries, a ‘table-top’ strawberry growing system, 5 poly-tunnels plus outdoor bush and cane fruit such as raspberries, black and redcurrants along with 3 varieties of gooseberries. New for 2016 we have planted a variety of blueberries called Juke.

Our fruit season usually starts mid June until late July depending on the weather. Strawberries and gooseberries begin the season, with the raspberries, red and blackcurrants towards the end of June through July.

We are open 7 days a week through the main season 10am – 5pm. We welcome all members of the public to come to the farm and ‘pick your own’ fruit. At a little extra cost we have a ready picked service for all our fruit if you don’t have the time to pick your own.

Our blackberries come into fruit later in the year; generally around August.

Once October arrives we move into our orchard to begin picking apples and plums. We grow 4 varieties of apples (Scrumptious, Russet and Falstaff eaters and  Bramley cooking apples). The 2 varieties of plums are Victoria and Czar.

Depending on yield we also aim to have rhubarb available in season.

 Fabulously Fruity Wine

A proportion of the delicious fruit we grow on the farm goes straight to our winery. Here we make a range of fruit wines. These are available to buy directly from the farm or through our website in the shop.

our Fabulously Fruity brand has grown considerably to the business it is today.

Our delicious range of wines are made purely from the fruit that we grow or harvest from the hedgerows in the case of elderflowers and sloes. Everything is produced and bottled on the farm in our purpose built winery.

The beautiful colours and sweetness of the wines are determined by the fruit they are produced from. They are made purely from fermented fruit and therefore retain the characteristics of the ‘raw’ fruit. No artificial colours or flavours are added and there are no grapes or grape extract involved in the process.

The wine is made in a traditional style, in small batches to retain the rich vibrant flavour of freshly picked fruit on a summers day. The beautifully smooth taste and quality of each one of our wines can be enjoyed at any time!

 Standard Range Of Fruity Wines

This selection of fruit wines are for sale throughout the year (subject to availability). They are priced at £7.95 per bottle.

The flavours in this range are as follows: Black Currant, Bramble, Gooseberry, Raspberry, and Strawberry. Additionally we produce a ‘Dry Gooseberry’, which is a big hit with fans of dry white wine.


Limited Edition Fruit Wine

This range of wines are only available at certain times of the year, from when each fruit is in season. Due to the limited availability they are priced at £8.95 per bottle.

This range includes:

Red Currant, Elderflower, Rhubarb, Rose Hip, Plum, and Sloe.

Web: www.peakstopfarm.com

Telephone: 01472 812941

Email: [email protected]