Checking if there is an export opportunity for your business has never been easier thanks to a handy micro-site by Department for International Trade.

All you have to do is type in the product or service that you offer, hit the enter button, and it will tell you if anyone is looking to buy it.

It couldn't be easier. So what are you waiting for - have a look now.

Department for International Trade 'Exporting is Great' website -

Thinking of trading internationally, but not sure where to start?

Did you know that there’s a handy interactive map on DHL’s express website which can help you discover new exporting opportunities!

View the map on the DHL website. Just click on the highlighted countries in the map to find out about key market facts and opportunities that will help you choose your next export destination.

Food & Drink in China - Live Export Opportunities for UK Companies

China-Britain Business Council has a website highlighting new food and drink opportunities in 2016, following the much discussed new China Food Safety legislation. You can view real time opportunities on the China-Britain Business Council's website.

If you need help with exporting, or want to find out how to get started, have a look at our 'New to exporting' website pages.

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