"Man & Machine" All inclusive Day rate of just £350 for Chamber members (excl. delivery, materials, fuel etc)

Chris Hutchinson has over 24 years experience working with both public and private sector clients as a 360° excavator operator. He also has direct experience of sculpting water courses and ponds of all shapes and sizes, construction horse arenas, trimming roads and paths.

CJ Earthworks has the experience and skill to provide a quality professional service with advice every step of the way. Chris carries great pride in being reliable and has a responsible skilled operation that has a close collaboration with their clients.


  • Soil Architecture (Soil Shaping / Landscaping)
  • Trimming to exacting standards
  • Water Courses (Ponds, Dykes, Cascades and Flood Banks)
  • Golf Courses Construction
  • Off road Course Construction (Civilian / Military)
  • Environment Improvements (Woodland Restoration: clearance of old wood, stumps and trees)
  • Caravan Leisure Park (Construction / Landscaping)
  • Operated Plant Hire (360° excavators)
  • Operator hire (Hire an operator for your excavator)

Website: www.cjearthworks.co.uk

Email: [email protected]

Tel: 07896 574395