Introducing the Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce Assembly

Following a fundamental change in our structure, initiated by our members, we now have a Chamber Assembly in place. The Assembly focuses on specific locations throughout the county and also sectors and/or areas of interest, our Chamber Assembly can be seen below: 




Andrew Buckley

Lockwood Estates


Alistair Main

Duncan & Toplis


Rebecca Bowley

Ringrose Law

Women in Business

Ian Turvey

Ian Turvey Consultancy


Kate Cook


Electrical Engineering

Mark Finn

Lincolnshire Co-operative 

Food - Select Lincolnshire

Mark Taylor

Duncan & Toplis


Maureen O'Callaghan

Maureen O'Callaghan Trainer & Mentor


Nick Pettit

RG Carter

Property & Construction

Richard Hallsworth


West Lindsey

Richard Jones

EV Camel

Low Carbon Economy 

Roy Harper

Skills Reach

Business Support

Simon Hoare

Acts Trust


Trevor Hyde

Produce Industry Fair


Dean Cross

The Waterside Shopping Centre


The Assembly will play a crucial role on behalf of the Chamber members, acting as a sounding board, forming decision-making groups and act as a focal point to tackle business issues from across the Lincolnshire business community.

Having significant numbers of members within sector groups and in local market towns will allow members to tap into their existing local networks and quickly engage and work with other like-minded business people.

Support will be given by the Chamber staff team to ensure Assembly Members are in a position to make contact with other members, have resources to deliver activity or to link with our national infrastructure. 

Assembly Members will get advance notice of meetings with key local and national political and business leaders, national policy updates, as well as other opportunities to play a major role in other parts of the Chamber's work. 

Assembly Members will be our champions for a specific area or sector, being given the autonomy to call meetings, develop policy and within limits speak for and on behalf of the Chamber.

Each Assembly whether, Area, Sector or Interest will have a lead or chair and these will represent those members at the Full Assembly meetings.

The Full Assembly itself will meet four times per year and will be lead by the Lincolnshire Chamber Chair, who will also be the Chair of the Assembly.

If want to know anything further, please get in touch: [email protected]