Welcome to Car Store. We make it extra-easy and simple for you to buy, sell, service or finance your car, thanks to the popularity of our fresh take on the traditional (boring) car buying experience.

We’re a little different at Car Store. We want car buying to be an exciting and enjoyable experience with all of the traditional dealership jargon cut out. Our aim is to be THE place to buy and sell your car, supported by a crew who really care and want to help. 

Our stores are designed with you in mind. Our relaxed but knowledgeable crew members will welcome you to our vibrant stores which are packed with a huge range of used cars for sale and the latest technology, as well as family-friendly features. Gone are the days of stuffy used car dealerships!

Check out our stories and upcoming events - we’ve had some pretty exciting things happen at Car Store and there is plenty more to come!

Web: www.evanshalshaw.com

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