Whether you’re planning to start [or have recently started] a new business, or are looking to make improvements in the way that your existing business or organisation operates, we’re available to help you every step of the way.

Services can be bought-in individually as and when needed, or we can tailor a bespoke package incorporating several areas of assistance.

We have broad experience of working across many disciplines within businesses and organisations of all sizes, from start-ups to large corporates and public sector.  Whatever challenges you’re facing, whatever the tasks that need addressing, we’ve almost certainly been there before and can work with you to negotiate difficult/unfamiliar territory and/or to break new ground – providing an energetic mix of fresh perspective, an independent viewpoint, and practical support designed to maximise the opportunities for your business or organisation to flourish!

BusinessLinc works flexibly to provide exactly the services that you require, and – whatever the level or nature of our engagement – we’ll always seek to add maximum value wherever we can.  In the case of longer-term relationships, we’re passionate about really getting to know your business or organisation from the inside out, and working closely with you to firmly establish, grow, and improve the operation over a period of time.

BusinessLinc also provides regional representation services for businesses and organisations requiring a presence in Lincolnshire and the surrounding area, and for international clients seeking UK representation without the need to run a stand-alone UK office [or prior to the establishment of a UK operation].

If you have projects or business interests in Lincolnshire/East Midlands but are based out of the area, or are an overseas business looking to expand into the UK market [wherever you’re intending to finally be based], we can help by providing regional/national representation and acting as your local office/agent – either temporarily, or on an ongoing basis.

For overseas clients, we can provide a comprehensive package of advice, guidance and practical support precisely tailored to your requirements, and make your entry to, or presence in, the UK operate as smoothly as possible.

Web: www.businesslinc.co.uk

Telephone: 01522 716176

Email: [email protected]