BGB is split into different industry brands.

Having acquired the underwater lighting business in 2004, it was decided that the original founding company, BGB Engineering Ltd needed to have a clear identity of product category, this led to the re-branding and additions of BGB Innovation, BGB Marine and BGB Digilinc (now BGB Telemetry).

The core business of slip rings and brush holders can be found under the BGB Engineeringbrand. BGB Marine covers all underwater lighting and camera products and BGB Telemetrypromotes the future technologies such as Fibre Optic Rotary Joints (FORJs) and Induction products. BGB Innovation brings all 3 brands together under one overall group identity.
Recent stand alone BGB brands include BGB Technology Inc, our USA sister factory based in Virginia, and BGB SILS. BGB SILS products can be found in BGB Marine and BGB Telemetry but the nature of the market (luxury yachts & maritime) meant SILS should sit away from the more industrial and mass market image of the company, therefore it sits away from the Innovation website under its own identity.
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