Bassingthorpe beef has brought the finest Aberdeen Angus from our pastures to your plates since 1998!

Aberdeen Angus mince, braising steak, shin, skirt, brisket, topside, top rump, silverside, rolled rib, rib on the bone, rolled sirloin, sirloin on the bone, rump steak, sirloin steak, ribeye steak, fillet steak, stir fry, horse meat free burgers!

All the beef is fresh each week vacuum packed, ready to freeze.

All the beef is 100% grass fed. We hang it on the bone for a minimum of 3 weeks to make it as tender as beef can be.

All our products have low food miles. The cattle go to Boston and the pigs to Grantham.

Not Luxembourg like some you hear!


Telephone: 07725 041711