Why private healthcare cover?  Private healthcare cover can help you and your employees stay healthy so that you lose fewer days to illness

You can be confident that everybody is able to contribute to the success of your business.


It makes it easy for you to get the expert health services you need promptly.

Put simply, private health insurance offers you and your employees quick access to expect diagnose and eligible treatment, from private doctors and hospitals.

Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce are pleased to introduce AXA PPP healthcare to provide affordable healthcare insurance.

At AXA PPP healthcare we can help you create a healthcare plan that's as unique as your business. A plan to fast track you and your people to diagnosis and treatment. And to support you all back to health, and back to work as quickly as possible.

Let us remove any hassle and arrange your specialist appointments for you and avoid waiting lists.  Make sure you see experienced specialists and practitioners.

Expert help – our nurses and counsellors are available by phone 24/7, to give you health information and help support your team whenever they need it.

The Chambers business healthcare package has been created with small businesses in mind, offering affordable, flexible plans to suit your business budget. There's access to a free business resource, as well as a special offer of discounted Chambers fees when you take out a plan. In just ten minutes you can have a tailored quote to suit your business’ needs.

Call on 0800 389 7413** and let us know that you’re a member of Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce.