We’re proud of our Lincolnshire heritage at A. Wright and Son.

Not only is it reflected in our high quality cuts of meat, our work ethics, and our consumer satisfaction, it’s also connected to our Quality Lincolnshire Beef, Lamb and Pork trademark. Since its purchase in 2011, the brand has developed into a premium product in the current market place through experience, knowledge and industry reputation.

Founded in 1870 by Arthur Wright, A. Wright and Son has been shaped by over a century of experience. Passed down through five generations, our business has prospered from its family heritage and the breadth of knowledge held by our ancestors.
Originally based in a small retail store on Wide Bargate in Boston, our abattoir and preparation room were situated a short distance from us in Field Street. A. Wright and Son continued at the Field Street residency for many years, with the abattoir passing from one generation to another.
As the company continued to grow, we understood the future of our business lay solely in supplying wholesale produce to local butchers. The continuous change in European legislation eventually led to the closure of many local abattoirs, with several being unable to meet the legal requirements in food safety and hygiene, including our own Field Street factory.

But the determination of A. Wright and Son and its staff never faltered, choosing to open a new, EC approved abattoir and factory in 1994 at Nursery Road, Boston. Our business continues to excel on its current premises, producing high quality cuts of meat to customer specification.

We don't just take pride in the produce. As a quality butcher, we also want the best for our animals - their welfare, provenance and if they've been traditionally reared.

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