A children’s book written by Kate Plumb and illustrated by Barbara Griffin of Lincoln-based SPROUTBOX, has in just a couple days after its release, reached number 8 on the free children’s Ebooks chart on Amazon globally. Click here to get it.

It is a touching tale about the environment and how we are interrelated with it. It teaches the importance of trees in our cities.

The story begins in the middle of the night, in the middle of a city. And ends, in the middle of the night, in the middle of a forest. Join Autumn, Blink, Pellet and Co on their journey of discovery, learning about the importance of trees in our cities. There is a hunt for May our mischievous ladybird on every page, there’s even a trumping spider which will delight once found.

The Ebook, which is currently free, presents a story of leadership, and the collective strength of even the smallest of creatures against Treeminator.

A teaching aid has also been developed for the book, which SproutBox would be happy to email anyone with an interest. The book is aimed at children between 6-11 years, for classroom discussion and workshop. There is a book, to educate from grassroots level, a classroom plan for teachers and an urban tree planting strategy.

In association with kofi.com you can buy a virtual coffee, on https://www.sproutbox.co.uk/sproutbox-give-back - one coffee buys one tree, which is then planted on behalf on the donor.