It’s that time again when local businesses are encouraged to take part in the Quarterly Economic Survey (QES).

The survey for quarter four is now live and will remain open until March 12.

For businesses that don’t know, the QES is a business survey which provides a health check on local businesses in Lincolnshire. It asks a series of questions regarding recruitment, finances, employment, sales and orders, confidence, difficulties as well as many others.

All results from the survey are collated to show real trends, issues and challenges at a local level, and intelligence from the survey is key to shaping the frequency and type of support provided to Lincolnshire’s business economy.

Simon Beardsley, Chief Executive at Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce said:

“As good business practice it is imperative that local businesses participate and fill out the survey in order to provide an accurate and detailed picture of the local economy.

“All responses are seen from senior officials at Downing Street, as well as government at a local and national level, the HM Treasury and the Bank of England’s Monetary Committee.

“The results show real and timely data for anyone wishing to understand the economic shifts in Lincolnshire and it is always interesting to examine these shifts to understand more broadly how well our business community is performing.

“The unfiltered information we can access from QES can underpin strategic decisions to ensure we grow in the right way.

“It is our responsibility as business professionals to provide local input and see how we measure against other areas in the UK”.

Anyone who works for a business in Lincolnshire can take part. You don’t need to be a Director or CEO.

It takes roughly 1-2 minutes to fill in and your support will really help make a difference.

Click here to take part in the QES for quarter 4.