Creative studio Epix Media today announced their new way of meeting the marketing needs of today’s businesses.

Based in Lincoln, the company is known for its web, video and design expertise, but today revealed that they have built on this to make their offering even stronger.

“The marketing world is the most dynamic and energetic that it’s ever been, so we’ve looked at how we can push those boundaries and generate a long-term return for businesses”, said Epix Media Director Will King.

“We get the best results for clients when their marketing projects have great data being fed in from the start, so we’ve created our new Strategy service, where we delve deeply into the client’s marketing challenge at the earliest stage to develop a foundation for success. It can reveal some fascinating insights that really tap into new opportunities.”

As part of the efforts to change the way they work, Epix recently hired a new Creative Marketing Manager, moved into a new studio space in Think Tank in Lincoln and have also revealed their new look brand.

Zoe Easey said “On top of our established creative offering we’ve now also built an Implementation arm, and this is where we use intelligent marketing and advertising techniques to push a message to the right audience.

“Where it gets really exciting is where we take what we’ve learnt from the Implementation and loop it back into the Strategy, constantly learning and improving the creative so it becomes ever more effective

“Our new approach is perfect for ambitious companies who want to push the boundaries and we’re really proud to be part of the growing creative digital scene in Lincolnshire.”