This is the first story of four

FOUR areas of Lincolnshire business growth are being highlighted by the region’s largest law firm as it seeks to further support the local economy. Wilkin Chapman solicitors, while continuing to offer a full range of services, has targeted renewables, housing, agriculture and tourism as growth areas.

As part of its focus, the firm has liaised with clients, gaining an insight into how the work of its specialists has helped. Here we look at the firm’s work within the housing sector…

WHEN former solicitor Jo Costall took her professional life in a different direction, it was vital the legal support she received was detailed and pragmatic.

Without hesitation, Jo turned to Wilkin Chapman and the foundations were laid for a successful future.

Jo, who enjoyed a legal career for 19 years, took a decision three years ago to join her family’s firm. While her father’s business had concentrated on the successful Burton Waters Moorings Company, Jo was tempted by an opportunity to develop land in Nettleham.

The Lodge Lane project delivered by Homes By Stirlin, a venture with James Kirby and Stirlin Developments Ltd, has taken Jo on a journey – as the client, not the legal professional!

“Suddenly I was the one who needed a lawyer and it was important I selected a team I could trust. While I knew the law with regards to my new career, I did not want to be solely responsible for the legal side of things,” said Jo.

For Jo, James and the Stirlin team, the development was a step in a different direction. For Jo it represented a career change, whilst for Stirlin it represented an expansion from commercial construction and bespoke residential development.

“It is an exciting challenge and has been so positive,” she adds.

The three-phase site sees a selection of affordable homes and executive properties constructed and, as of early January, 73 per cent of Phases 1 & 2 were sold or reserved.

Jo, James and Homes By Stirlin are now looking at further developments, safe in the knowledge there is the professional help they need in Lincolnshire.