The University of Lincoln has teamed up with 5GRIT to deliver an informative workshop that will explain more about 5G, potential ways it could be used and the opportunities for businesses in Greater Lincolnshire to test out new applications on one of six Government-sponsored 5G testbeds.

The workshop will explain how local businesses can access the 5GRIT testbed to trial new hardware, software and applications. Steve Jagger, Managing Director of Hessle-based ISP Quickline Communications, one of the 5GRIT partners, will talk about how the pilot can unlock the potential of rural areas through better connections for residents, businesses, farmers and visitors.

Who should be looking to attend this event?

5GRIT are looking to connect with innovative businesses in Greater Lincolnshire. They want to hear your ideas about what you would like to use the testbed for – be it developing new low latency apps, or services for parts of Greater Lincolnshire where mobile data is simply not up to speed. There is not yet a common standard of what 5G will encompass so there is an opportunity to shape the technology and new applications in Greater Lincolnshire and across the 5GRIT testbed. We will explain the process of getting your technologies and applications trialed on the testbed and what the potential benefits could be.

They are also interested in groups that may want to develop use-cases for trials using the testbed - everyone from small business owners, tourism, food, manufacturing, distribution, farmers, local authorities, community groups and third sector organisations through to public and emergency services.

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