Scientists tell us that the Earth’s climate is changing faster than at any point in the history of modern civilisation through human-induced global warming. Resulting weather extremes cross all borders socially, geographically and generationally. We live in a world shaped by the decisions of our ancestors. Our decisions will decide the size of the carbon footprint inherited by future generations.

On behalf of the Diocese of Lincoln and the University of Lincoln, we invite you to a conference that seeks to navigate ways that science and the church can be leaders, both in caring for creation and measuring the effectiveness of our actions.

The conference is collaborative in nature. There are voices from science and theology in the UK, Oceania, and the United States. These contexts demonstrate that rising tides and falling reservoirs leave us with too much water and not enough water. The experiences, and work undertaken in our companion Diocese of Polynesia will tell of islands in crisis.

This conference aims to identify action we can take together rather than statements that can be made. Conference outcomes include a case study of the impact of the conference and the launch of the Lincoln Diocesan Environmental Policy. It can be a resource for the county of Lincolnshire and beyond.

The conference will plant trees to offset its carbon footprint and will also feature a three course dinner with a low carbon footprint in the Cathedral Chapter House. A full timetable of events will be available online from June at

The conference begins at 9am on both days with a welcome to delegates on the Friday. There will be a Market Place, open Friday and Saturday in the foyer of the Minerva Building, will have a range of stalls and exhibitors who are already active at either a local or national level in seeking a sustainable future for the planet.

The ‘Footprint Dinner’ 7pm Saturday 31st August - Lincoln Cathedral Chapter House

Lincolnshire chef and entrepreneur Sam Owen started the Salted Orange Food Company in 2014. He will present a three course sustainable meal with a CO2 footprint of 1.888kg. The evening will end with a tour of the Cathedral with special lighting to highlight the architecture. Tickets are £50pp from our Eventbrite site.

SUNDAY 1ST SEPTEMBER Conference Service, Lincoln Cathedral 10.30am

The final day of the conference will include a service of worship in Lincoln Cathedral focused on the themes of the conference. The service will include the launch of the Diocesan Environmental Policy and the distribution of trees to offset the carbon footprint of the conference. Following the service there will be a lunch in the garden of Edward King House to conclude the conference.

University students are free to attend this conference but please make sure you book a ticket as space is limited. Please email[email protected] if you would like more information, to contribute or participate in the event.