Endor Learn & Develop: Our aim is to strengthen relationships in the workplace and beyond, by delivering practical ideas which people can relate to on a personal level. As specialists in transferable learning, we focus on supporting the core set of behaviours and abilities, most valued by today's employers. Practical skills which can be applied across a wide range of different jobs and industries, to build flexibility and extend performance in role.

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Day 1 Professional Impact- The Gentle Art of Influence and Persuasion  

Introduction to the programme.
The entrepreneurial mindset. What successful business leaders do differently.

•Apply practical ways to increase your personal credibility and achieve the results you want, more of the time.
•Identify the main sources of leverage with colleagues and clients.
•Distinguish between manipulation, power and persuasion.
•Practice methods to overcome barriers to effective business influence.
•Persuade and enlist the support of others to achieve your objectives.
•Balance personal motivations and wider organisational requirements.
•Exercise positive influence by building new allies and enlisting support.
•Support the creation of well-formed outcomes to influence in groups.
•Communicate with confidence, ensuring messages are heard and understood.
•Ensure more of your marketing material gets read – and is acted on.
•Apply methods to engage others and consistently work to achieve win-win situations.
Social Intelligence
Get Ahead in Business – without hardly saying a word

 Day 2- Social Intelligence- Get Ahead in Business- without hardly saying a word

Interpersonal excellence – strengthening your personal resilience levels and developing your appetite for considered risk taking.

•Express your thoughts and feelings in a direct and open manner.
•Present information with authority and conviction.
•Identify a range of non-verbal and behavioural factors which will influence the reception your messages receive.
•Pick up on hidden emotions which are present in all interpersonal exchanges.
•Clarify what is being said and check the accuracy of what is being heard.
•Increase your awareness of cultural variations in the workplace.
•Acknowledge the impact of gestures and mannerisms at work and beyond.
•Use effective body language to improve your personal credibility and strengthen group dynamics.
•Discover how effective you are at reading the unspoken body-tells of others.
•Acknowledge and take responsibility for your own actions and mistakes.
•Practice proven techniques to ensure you are more assertive, confident, optimistic and risk-ready during all your business dealings following this programme.

Are you Eligible? - Places are free

In order to attend this workshop you must satisfy the following criteria:

  1. That you or a representative from your business can attend both days
  2. That your business registered with HMRC and has less than 250 employees
  3. That your business’s registered address is located within one of the following Local Authorities areas:
  • North Kesteven District Council 
  • City of Lincoln Council
  • West Lindsey District Council 

To check your business is eligible and to reserve your free place please contact us 01522 523333 or email [email protected]

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